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Town planning 

GIC Town Planning envision developments that considers every detail of the planning process to ensure that land and infrastructure are designed and developed in ways that make a meaningful and sustainable difference when uplifting the livelihoods of the communities that we work with. Our clients (in both private and public sector organisations) rely on GIC to strategically implement innovative spatial planning solutions that not only exceed their visions, expectations and requirements, but which also improves the country’s social, economic and environmental shortfalls. No matter the size of a project, or how dynamic the process might be, GIC can assist with the required solutions.

GIC take special care to act with integrity to ensure that we implement processes that are both socially and environmentally sustainable. Our vast expertise and experience in the industry, coupled with our cutting-edge technology, enables us to provide our stakeholders with world-class solutions, which changes the lives of thousand throughout the country.

GIC is registered as a professional planning consultant at the South African Council for Planners (SACPLAN), and we believe in the principle of Spatial Justice. It is a common phenomenon throughout South African towns/cities for informal township areas to be located on the outskirts of the towns, deprived from economic opportunities. We as GIC strive to eradicate these past spatial imbalances through improved access and use of land. Our aim is to integrate and unite the disparate parts of cities/towns by means of infill development, allowing for spatial restructuring with special emphasis on curbing informal sprawl. This in turn allows for sustainable and efficient communities in the long term.

By following an integrated development approach, we ensure that the overall quality of life in communities are enhanced. Over the past 5 years, GIC established more than 30 000 full title stands. Our integrated township designs and layouts makes provisions for an array of land uses with a balanced mix of low income, middle income, educational and commercial stands.

In terms of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, every person has the right to basic services e.g. water & sanitation. GIC offers a turn-key development solution, which entails the establishment and/or formalisation of erven, followed by the servicing of the stands with the required internal engineering infrastructure. When dealing with Upgrading and/or Formalisation of Informal Settlements projects, GIC regards the community as the client. We therefor aim to involve communities throughout the whole Upgrading process, from Town Planning up to the completion of the civil works and the physical handover of sites. The buy-in of communities plays a pivotal role in the implementation of any upgrading/formalisation process and GIC Town Planning therefore strives to timeously establish strategic partnerships with Municipalities and communities to pave the way forward for our civil teams.

We believe that an informed community is a happy community, and we will do everything in our ability to involve communities to ensure that we live up to our motto, which is CHANGING LIVES.

Gap Infrastructure Corporation specialises in the following facets of town planning:

  • Township Establishments (both Greenfields and Upgrading of Informal Settlement projects)
  • Rezoning and/or amendments of Land Use Schemes
  • Removal of restrictive conditions of title
  • Subdivisions
  • Consolidations
  • Consent use
  • Permissions
Current Projects 
Town planning
We plan our community housing projects with further expansion in mind, to make sure that future developments can be erected relatively quickly and with services in place to support a growing population.

It is an approach that will continue to making the Gap Infrastructure Corporation a formidable force in this sector.

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