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Roads & transport infrastructure
June 19, 2023

The role of roads and transport infrastructure in economic development and how GIC is driving progress

As South Africa continues to evolve and make its mark on the map, we at GIC continue developing its extensive network of roads and transport infrastructure. One can think of a country’s highways and byways as its pulse, with a vast route of arteries and veins extending throughout the system. Unfortunately, any regions without this circulation are deprived of what they need, something we see most often in underdeveloped communities. Our country’s robust transport infrastructure connects industries, facilitating integration and trade, and fostering a more accessible society. At Gap Infrastructure Corporation, we understand roadworks development’s profound impact on a nation’s socio-economic circumstances. We are thus committed to expanding upon our current roads and transport infrastructure to help build a better-connected society.

How roads and transport infrastructure reduces poverty

Poverty, unemployment, and inequality are currently three of South Africa’s most significant hurdles to overcome. On a grass-roots level, many households still struggle with transport and getting where they need to be, presenting an immense challenge regarding access to education, healthcare, and finding jobs. At present, the South African government is working towards improving both policies and infrastructure regarding roads, railways, pipelines, airports, harbours, as well as intermodal operations of public transport. Well-built roads and transport infrastructure also mean that remote or isolated regions can access more developed areas like towns and cities. This grants previously excluded communities new access to essential services and economic opportunities, which allows them to improve their circumstances and enjoy a sustainable future filled with hope.

Pathways to South African prosperity

Proper roads and transport infrastructure doesn’t just alleviate many of the contributing factors of poverty and inequality – it benefits us all. The transformative aspect of superb roadworks and town planning lies in how it can establish industrial corridors and connect people to what they need. We at GIC are part of this solution, developing transport infrastructure that:

  • Develops industries by connecting trade. South Africa is often referred to as the “gateway to Africa”, which is partly thanks to our ability to accommodate a high volume of imports and exports – all made possible with transport networks. These networks enable the seamless relocation of products and goods from production centres to economic hubs for distribution and global markets.
  • Promotes tourism which attracts countless visitors every year. Road infrastructure grants foreign travellers access to some of the country’s most beautiful, remote parts, opening up scenic routes, national parks, and adventure activities unavailable in other countries.
  • Attracts investments that further grow industrial development in South Africa. It also stimulates the demand and supply of products and allows for knowledge transfer and technological advancement. This, in turn, creates countless employment opportunities.

Our services and projects

When it comes to the projects we undertake, we emphasise affordable alternatives that are sustainable and eco-friendly. We also prioritise the safety of road users by ensuring better visibility of road markings and solutions that regulate traffic and prevent accidents. Our goal is to keep South Africans connected, and we pursue this mission through the development and repair of:

  • National roads and transport infrastructure.
  • Stormwater drainage systems.
  • Gravel roads and road upgrades.
  • Terminals for public transport.

If you would like to know how we are paving the way to a better tomorrow, speak to us today.