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Infrastructure management and development
February 6, 2023

Our streamlined systems offer an agile approach to infrastructure management and development

GIC utilises world-class project development and infrastructure management software to ensure seamless solutions. The pre-construction and conceptual design processes are often far more difficult to navigate than undertaking projects themselves, and when left to human planning alone, can leave much room for error. We make use of award-winning digital project management systems that allow complete control of our processes – from the inception of ideas to the infrastructure management that must take place after a project is completed. With an efficient, centralised hub from which to work, our operations become much more flexible and transparent, with real-time data giving us insight into how we are progressing.

While we understand that these innovations are relatively new to the industry, we aim to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting-edge solutions that save time and money.

Tools we use for project development and infrastructure management

We are all about accountability, transparency, communication, and consistent quality. Given the special needs and requirements of our clients, we are able to supply them with various software solutions upon request, including:

  • 5D BIM: Five-Dimensional Building Information Modelling is a set of tools that pre-model the later stages of design before implementation ever takes place. BIM software makes decisions faster and smarter, eliminating process friction and keeping workflows on track.
  • Digital twins and artificial intelligence learning: GIC uses Smart City Digital Twin software to virtually simulate the physical assets within real locations. This is one tool essential in helping us mitigate risks and challenges before a project begins.

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There are several benefits to using 5D BIM and digital twins, such as:

  • Enhanced efficiency: Our infrastructure development software systems significantly reduce the time required to manage a project. From the start, we can fully establish all the details of design intent and implement these with unparalleled accuracy. Various processes are also automated, such as task management, scheduling, the allocation of resources, and instant and accessible reporting.
  • Clearer communication: Because the development of infrastructure is always a collaborative process, streamlined software that provides open, clear lines of communication at every level is essential. With a platform that allows teams to share and contribute information instantly, everyone can stay on top of progress and manage any challenges as soon as they arise.
  • Projects of meticulous quality: Taking control of the entire project lifecycle, from pre-planning to infrastructure management once the project is done, ensures that we maintain only the highest standards every step of the way. Any problems that occur are addressed quickly and seamlessly before they cost money and waste time.
  • Saving time, money, and labour: Our software enables us to shave down on time-consuming, labour-intensive tasks with all that it automates and streamlines. It also enables us to spot key areas for improvement, which gives us the ability to make thoroughly informed decisions that always prioritise all stakeholders involved.

Services offered by Gap Infrastructure Corporation

GIC offers a range of solutions geared towards human development and shaping spaces in a way that changes lives. We will assist you with everything from town planning to civil services, property and infrastructure management, roadworks developments, mining, and much more. To learn about our solutions or how to partner with us, speak to our team today.