We’re transforming finance and changing lives

Conventional financial institutions are typically risk averse and hesitant to extend financial support to up-and-coming businesses without qualifying track records, collateral to offer, steady financials and the apparent means to service a loan or other financial aid.

We understand their unwillingness, especially in the construction field, where the hurdles to success are notoriously high.

At the Gap Infrastructure Fund, however, we see things differently. We look at what can be, what a business can become, how processes can improve by doing things differently.

It has always been our way to reward and enable our loyal small and medium contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers who put so much effort not only into their own businesses, but also into our development and construction projects.

By founding the Gap Infrastructure Fund, our asset finance division, we formalised the means to give these enterprises an encouraging hand up, lower the barriers to entry and ensure business continuation both on and off our sites.

Asset finance for almost any industry

We now offer opportunities to entrepreneurs and organisations in almost any industry:

Manufacturing, energy, transport, mining, construction, technology, agriculture, medical/healthcare, hospitality.

The Gap Infrastructure Fund provides qualifying entrepreneurs/companies/small businesses/black-owned businesses and government entities with flexible asset finance for their operating assets. We do so through leasing and other innovative solutions.

Financial assistance is more than funding, it’s sharing expertise too

When considering bidding on a large project, many entrepreneurs feel uncertain about their capabilities and the financial and other resources that they can access.

We can help budding companies answer questions such as:

  • Do I have enough cash resources?
  • Will I require outside financing?
  • Should we  hire more employees or rather subcontract?
  • Should I lease or purchase additional equipment…
    If purchasing, how do I finance it?

Typical types of financial assistance we provide:

  • Purchasing Inventory
  • Hiring employees
  • Launching marketing campaigns
  • Purchasing equipment
  • Remodelling/renovating
  • Opening new locations
  • Managing cash flow
  • Handling unexpected expense
  • Bridging receivables gaps

Best rates

Our financing options offer the most favourable terms, better benefits and easier access than these fledgling companies could ever hope to obtain from traditional or alternative financial institutions.

Fast finance

The process is streamlined and easy. Decisions and pay-outs are quick. No unnecessary paperwork, no interrogation. Our advice and the choice of financing solutions we offer are unbiased and always have the best interest of the small enterprise at heart.

Smart lease options

Financial lease (where both the risk and the return get transferred to the lessee, the small business owner who decides on which assets to lease for the business)

Operating lease (where the risk and the return stay with the lessor)

Other people-centred financing solutions we offer

  • Instalment sales
  • Insurance cover
  • Management of assets
  • Budgeting