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Development is the cornerstone of our identity, and it allows us to create social and economic prosperity not just locally, but across Africa too. What sets us apart in the industry is our mission to change lives through our service delivery. Inclusion, dignity, equity, and diversity apply to our internal systems too, and we promote from within to create growth opportunities for our employees, continually maximising their potential. Working with integrity is vital to who we are, and we ensure reliable and transparent reporting to our stakeholders.
Our vision is to become a multi-national market leader, changing not just the lives of our employees and investors, but the communities in which we operate. Through growth, investment, and community, we are closer to this pursuit than ever. Our eyes are fixed on a bright future, and we are set to succeed.

“Working with integrity is vital to who we are...”


Aiding in community upliftment and development


Creating ample opportunities for investors


Innovative infrastructure solutions across South Africa

GIC's distinctive trademark

Gap Infrastructure Corporation has spent years adding to a track record of successfully completed projects that stand as a testament to our unfaltering drive for excellence. Not only do our esteemed clients place the utmost confidence in our diverse capabilities, but they know their expectations will be exceeded.
Along with a database of qualified construction companies, we also own and operate our own fleet and plant equipment. This enables us to guarantee exceptional quality and greatly reduces project operational costs.
GIC is comprised of phenomenal employees and a passionate and dedicated executive board who share a vision for a better future for all South Africans.
As a stand-out leader in Africa’s infrastructure development sector, we are best known for:

Future directed, people-centred solutions

Continually seeking cost-effective alternatives

Balanced business portfolio

Sustainable approach to community development and the environment

Award-winning project management solutions

Proven profitability and stable cash flows

Relentless commitment to changing lives

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Facts & figures

Ever evolving and adapting to the communities we serve; our forward-thinking expansion diversified our offerings into infrastructure development.

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Housing Establishments

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Local community members employed

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local offices

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Housing Establishments

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Local community members employed

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Our accreditations

Gap Infrastructure Corporation has also secured the following accreditations:

How we stand out

Awards & accolades

Gap Infrastructure Corporation has built a solid reputation as a leading infrastructure developer within South Africa. GIC’s focus has always been on sustainable solutions that bridge the gap between the existing infrastructure and the required infrastructure. Our optimistic outlook on infrastructure in our country and Africa as a whole brings this hopeful vision to life with every project we complete.

We boast a committed book of billions of rands and counting, but our greatest success is the legacy we get to leave behind – one that includes lasting value for communities who deserve a brighter future. For GIC, there is no greater achievement than changing lives, but we remain grateful, proud bearers of the accolades awarded to us. Over the years, GIC has won numerous awards that stand testament to our success as a growing and future-driven company in the infrastructure development sector.

Govan mbeki awards


runner up: Best informal settlements upgrading project diamond park 800


Best informal settlements upgrading project lerato park 362


youth contractor


youth contractor

Our corporate group

Safety and compliance

A culture promoting the highest standards of safety and compliance

In delivering better-built environments, safety and standard compliance are of our highest priority. We strive for secure and incident-free projects, protecting our greatest asset – our valued employees and contractors. Adhering to all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations is foundational to everything we do. Each project is audited both internally and externally when it comes to key areas of compliance such as:
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • The Mining Health and Safety Act.
Despite the industry norm set at 80% compliance, we regard anything below 95% as a failure. The team at GIC continually hold ourselves to a higher standard and raises industry benchmarks through our safety management plan and policies.
Our aim is to promote the occupational and personal safety, health, and wellness of every employee by taking sensible steps such as:
Our aim is to promote the occupational and personal safety, health, and wellness of every employee by taking sensible steps such as:

Timeously identifying and eliminating workspace risks to health and safety

Informing staff and contractors about past incidents and providing them with information on health and safety hazards

Training provided for Safety, Health, and Environment Hazards representatives, as well as in firefighting and first aid training

Consideration of potential or actual environmental impacts and working in ways to protect the environment

Maintaining a risk-based emergency management programme to mitigate on-site emergencies

Our aim is to promote the occupational and personal safety, health, and wellness of every employee by taking sensible steps such as:
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Gap Infrastructure Corporation seeks to do so much more than redefine landscapes and deliver outstanding results – we endeavour to empower communities and change lives for generations to come. For infrastructure development services and solutions designed to fit, we invite you to contact us today.